Who has never thought of making their own spirits! We all have something on our shelves or see it passing by on TV programmes. What if we had our own spirits? Have our own whisky, make our own gin, ... And then you see all kinds of terms passing by online, for example: 'private label rum', 'custom-made gin', 'own gin', ... and so many more. Here, I will explain to you what exactly this means and how to achieve your own spirits in 6 steps!

Let us start by distinguishing a private label or personlised drink and a customised drink. A private label is an existing recipe with your own label while a custom drink is a unique recipe developed for you. Making your own gin, for example, is a very complicated process but our years of experience teach us which steps are important. Whether you want to market your own (non-alcoholic) gin, rum, vodka or vermouth, for example.

Are you unsure whether to choose a production partner or take matters into your own hands? Then first read our view: 'The main reasons to get in touch with a production partner'.

Are you unsure whether to choose a production partner or take matters into your own hands? Then first read our view: 'The main reasons to get in touch with a production partner'.

At Tailor Taste, you can go for a personalised gin, rum, liqueur, vodka, ..., both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

These are the six essential steps for the journey: customised (spirits) drinks.

1.       Idea
An idea is the basis of developing your own brand. As a brand owner, it is so important to your commercial story that it is YOUR product. 


So why is having an idea so important?

It doesn't matter what the idea is, as long as you have a feel for it. Anyone can have a custom-made gin developed, but sales stand or fall with the story and passion that a brand-owner can convey mean-spiritedly and naturally.Due to the many awards and medals that our clients' products have collected in recent years, we receive requests from home and abroad on a weekly basis. Because of this, we cannot accept all projects, but of course we are always open to your idea!


Do I already have to prepare a basic recipe myself?

No, developing drinks, no matter how innovative the idea, is what we do, so there is no need to worry about that. 

2.       Appointment in our distillery

No middlemen with us! You buy directly from the distillery. Our production is in a heritage building from 1861: The Spirits Valley. Here you will find the perfect combination of the rich history of our building and a state-of-the-art distillery with distillery room, lab and bottling and finishing area.

We welcome you in our integrated bar with a view of the fantastic Scheldt Valley and the first slopes of the Flemish Ardennes.


What will be discussed at this introduction? 

This is where both parties get a first impression of whether a future cooperation is a possibility. With us, people come first and only then do we discuss technical and commercial feasibility. We must understand each other, have a 'click'.


Is my idea safe?    

Mutual trust is the pillar for a fruitful and constructive collaboration. However, we understand that at that first meeting, a conclusive document can bring the peace of mind to openly discuss the necessary information. For this reason, upon any request, we draft an NDA or confidentiality agreement.


Is this meeting free of charge?     

Of course, we apply the principle: 'No solution, no payment'.

3.       Elaboration of idea

Does it feel right for both parties? Then we get to work and deepen the story.

We break down the idea into several parts:

a.     The product: together we determine

-     the (basic) ingredients

-     the intended flavour profile

-     the production method, e.g. london dry gin

-     the product category with the corresponding legal provisions and/or restrictions


b.     The concept (packaging and branding): you, as the brand owner, are the ideal person to take the lead in this.


c.     The commercial part:

-     Cost price calculation

-     Margin optimization

-     Correct selling price

-     Online and offline marketing


I don't know the beverage sector yet. Can you assist me in this step?    

Our sister company Spirits by Design can help our customers in the commercial part, more specifically for export and consultancy.Do not hesitate to ask for a referral to our external partners for (web) design, marketing, labels, bottles, caps, boxes, and so on.

4.       Development in our lab

Tailor Taste Distillery stands for quality and we don't compromise on that! No shortcuts, no unnatural additives, ..., only the best ingredients are good for us, craft distilled with an eye on innovative flavours.

Reading tip: Compound Gin = Distilled Gin? No!

Master distillers Michiel D'Hondt and Tim Veys are, what you could say at the very least, experienced masters of the trade. Together, they represent more than 15 years of knowledge and expertise in the world of drinks.


How long does a development take?

Due to the numerous requests from home and abroad, we have a tight schedule that we (try to) follow closely. We give you the date on which development starts and, depending on the planned production method and the type of product, we can provide a relatively accurate timeframe. Needless to say, the development of a gin goes a lot faster than that of a vermouth or non-alcoholic spirit.

We do developments all year round, with a very specific focus from January to April.


What does a development cost?

Developing recipes produced in-house are free of charge. We only ask for an advance payment on the first production to secure some of the time invested.

When will the product be ready?

We make the samples in our lab and make sure they already have the best quality and the perfect balance. The final stage in development is fine-tuning. This is always done together with our customer, because only in this way will this really become your product and can you honestly tell your customers about it.


I do not know the technical terms to describe the flavour I am looking for. 

We understand the language of each type of customer: from a complete layman in the trade to the experienced sommelier. As a result, we succeed in creating your idea in liquid form in the most efficient way possible.


5.       Production

After approval of the final sample, the recipe is calibrated. This composition is followed meticulously. With us, you can be sure of the quality every time!

We plan the production together, depending on the availability of packaging materials. Everything is done in our distillery, so we control every step.

We offer, for your convenience, a number of additional services:

-       We arrange transport of the produced stock to your warehouse.

-       Storage in one of our duty-free warehouses so that excise duty is only payable when the goods are released for consumption. Bearing in mind that this can amount to an average of € 7 per bottle, this will certainly benefit your cash flow.

-       Needless to say, packaging material becomes cheaper with larger purchases. Stocking this is then the next problem that arises. We stock your bottles, boxes, labels, etc. up to a certain volume free of charge.

-       Have you made a sale abroad? We provide the required documents such as EAD (excise document), EXA (export document), FAVV health certificate, ...

We take as much out of your hands as possible to get from idea to finished product carefree. Our structure is very transparent and flexible. Still missing something? Don't hesitate to let us know.


6.       Enjoy your idea in a bottle

This speaks for itself, of course. We do everything we can to ensure that you can proudly commercialise your product!

Would you like to know more about what we can do for you? Feel free to contact one of our experts, because after all, the big difference between a good and a great product is in the details!