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Origin Tailor Taste Distillery

Tailor Taste Distillery was born out of the collaboration of 2 companies (Spirits by Design & Tailor Works), with the sole mission of creating high quality and tasteful CUSTOMIZED DRINKS in the broadest sense of the word.

At Tailor Taste Distillery you can find the answer for contract distilling, customization in drinks and private label.

Tailor Taste Distillery is run by Michiel D'Hondt and Tim Veys, both passionate about taste.

Michiel's adventure started about 6 years ago with the idea of offering unique drinks, much as a star chef does with his gastronomic creations: fully customized as per the customer’s wishes, with the aim reaching for the ultimate tasting experience. That's how a magic click came to be with Sommelier Counsel Tim Veys.

As one of the only warm distilleries in West Flanders, we are a guarantee for craftsmanship and top quality, with respect as well for the ingredients as for the customers’ expectations. Because of our many years’ cooperation, we harbour the necessary knowledge and experience to deliver a fair and commercially stable product.

From development to production, we have everything under one roof without need of intermediaries. With the guarantee that our natural ingredients are sourced directly from the producer.

As a production partner for your concept, we are happy to offer you all necessary support to make your product shine.

In short, Tailor Taste Distillery is a flexible production partner, thinking along with the customer, with an eye for taste and quality.

Customized drinks

The big difference between a good and a great product, after all, comes down to the details!

Distilled Gins
London Dry Gins
Old Tom Gins
Ready-to-drink (RTD)
Non-alcoholic spirits

Tailor Taste Distillery: craftsmanship in a bottle

Imagine this: you take a first sip of your drink, your taste buds explode and a warm glow spreads through you. Was this specially created for you? Does this sound like a dream? Then we already have one thing in common: our passion for spirits. As, with us, it didn't stop just being a dream, that doesn't have to be the case with you either. Thanks to Tailor Taste Distillery, you will soon enjoy your own drink, perfectly tailored to your own taste.

How craftsmanship comes to life

One thing is certain, to produce an exquisite drink requires much craftsmanship. That's why your product contains only natural ingredients, specially selected by us. In addition, the production stays under one roof, and all spirits, as well as the non-alcoholic drinks, are distilled in our own craft distillery. Unique in West Flanders.

From labeling to delivery

We don't like half work, so you will receive a finished product in the packaging and with the personalised label you have in mind. Neatly delivered where you want it. Your unique idea/flavour, entirely from development to the finished bottle.

Your unique idea/flavour, entirely from development to the finished bottle.




Meeting at our distillery


Working out the idea


R&D in our laboratory




Enjoy your idea in a bottle

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Private Label

The big difference between a good and a great product, after all, comes down to the details!


Our customers are the engine of our company, so we like to really pamper them. A customer wants to feel that you enjoy working with them. We offer you a unique way to put your company in the spotlight. Whether it’s for a 50th anniversary or for the traditional end-of-year gifts: Tailor Taste Distillery takes care of your customers, directly from our distillery, for the best quality at the best price.

Catering & events

A profit model is very simple, the difference between revenue and costs. The only way to maximize profits lies between two limits: what the customer is willing to pay and at what price the supplier is willing to sell. You know perfectly what the limit is for your customers and we know that we are at that other limit. We deliver directly from our distillery, no intermediate steps, so the best price is guaranteed!


From pancakes to wine… each association feeds the operation with similar income. Every sympathizer buys something, out of sympathy. You know what really brings in money? A unique product, directly linked to your association. Then that sympathizer suddenly becomes a fan, a supporter who gladly seizes this opportunity and takes home a bottle with the logo of the association. We then go one step further: we deliver top quality so that it is not just that one bottle for the bar or sideboard, but the bottle is also cracked, emptied and reordered with pleasure.

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Tailor Taste Distillery
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